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Clarksville Divorce Attorneys

Divorce and other family law concerns are emotionally difficult and often financially pivotal. Your success in preserving relationships with your children, protecting your financial future and avoiding outcomes you regret could well depend on the quality and commitment level of your legal counsel.

At Cunningham, Mitchell & Rocconi in Clarksville, our lawyers address divorce, custody disputes and post-divorce problems with compassion and balance. While we consistently strive for amicable resolution of these sensitive matters, you can count on thorough preparation for litigation if necessary to protect your interests.

Montgomery County Lawyers For Military Divorce · Difference-Making Advocacy In High-Asset, High-Conflict Cases

Our family law clients include many men and women who can reach agreement on essential issues with basic guidance and complete relatively straightforward, timely dissolutions. However, we also have specific strengths in dealing with:

  • Unique, sometimes intensely contested aspects of military divorce faced by service members stationed at Fort Campbell, their spouses and others facing issues in our Tennessee community
  • Child custody disputes and litigation, whether as part of a divorce or arising between unmarried parents
  • High-asset divorce cases involving disputes over marital property division, business valuation and allocation of interests, alimony, and other financial issues
  • Post-divorce modifications of child support, alimony, child custody and other orders that may be justified by substantial changes in circumstances, including a parent’s desire to move away with children

Addressing Family Law Challenges With Knowledge And Strength

Whether your most important concerns involve children, support, property or gaining protection from an abusive spouse, you can count on sound, results-focused legal guidance at our law firm. Your lawyer will hear you out, help you explore options and pursue the path to resolution best suited to your case — which may be direct negotiation, mediation or presenting your position in the courtroom.

For the personal attention you deserve from attorneys at a firm respected in the courts and community for more than 70 years, we encourage you to contact us today. We will be glad to sit down with you for a discreet, informative consultation to discuss options and next steps.